Process - Done Group
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Modular Construction is an alternative process for project delivery and completion it’s not just a product. This process starts with the pre-construction phase where all design, engineering, and cost outcomes are established. Our team is ready to join forces on any custom module designs and other building components to ensure that you receive the same architectural and operational feel that you would find in traditional construction.


At Done Group the structure of your building will be integrated into the product instead of fitting the product into the structure. Our modules are also non-combustible and designed to meet fire rating requirements. Both of these combined translates to lower costs, substantial time savings, minimum site disturbance and higher quality assurance under controlled factory conditions.


Our process includes:

  • Engineering and Design of Modules
  • Interior finishes and fixtures sourced and installed
  • Exterior sheathing, windows and finishes
  • Modules will be assembled off-site in a manufacturing facility
  • Structural Shell and Core delivered in modules
  • Centrally located MEP connections provided for fast hook up on site

>600 PARTS



Done modules are self contained, fully fabricated, living units.