How can QSR Owners Benefit from Modularization? - Done Group
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How can QSR Owners Benefit from Modularization?

Definition: QSR is the abbreviation for ‘Quick Service Restaurants’, also known as fast food restaurants.

Accelerated Installation:

Modularizing QSRs means the factory production of the building can begin well before the physical building site is ready. Once the site is ready, the building can be shipped to site and installed quickly, ready for the finishing touches.

Efficient Construction Management:

By creating a consistent floorplan throughout each restaurant, an owner will require fewer construction managers. Since the design will stem from one factory, the conditions of the physical site will be the only inconsistent factor between locations.

Consistent Brand Image:

Through a “one-source supplier”, brand owners can be assured that things like logo placement, paint colours and the overall atmosphere of their restaurants are in line with brand standards and minimize inconsistencies throughout locations.

Quality Control:

Controlled manufacturing means each module undergoes quality checkpoints throughout production and before leaving the factory, from the structure to the interior finishing. Construction managers will not have to oversee the quality assurance of multiple contractors.


Modules that are constructed out of steel are non-combustible, reducing not only risk of fire during the construction phase, but also during long-term operations. Non-combustible buildings often offer insurance breaks and a safer work environment for employees compared to wood modular buildings.

Structural Integrity:

Steel modules carry a longer life expectancy than those made of wood, as steel does not deteriorate, rot, burn and is more resistant to weather. An added bonus? If in the future there is a need to dismantle the QSR, the steel is entirely recyclable.

Ease of Renovations:

Should a need to renovate arise, each QSR can be renovated using the same construction method, or even through using prefabricated components to reduce disruption to business operations.

Return on Investment:

Best of all, by choosing modularization owners can begin business operations 30-40% earlier than if the QSR was built using traditional methods. Take your daily profits and do the math!